Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why

    As a member you can earn money and gift cards just for taking online paid surveys. Our surveys are fast and easy to complete, so this will make your journey here even more fun. With your membership your voice will be heard wordwide about various products, companies, services.

  2. How much will I get paid for surveys?

    Depends on your location. Payout ranges from 0.50$ - 50$ per successfully completed survey.

  3. How do I start?

    Once you sign up, login to your account. You'll see on the left your dashboard. Click on the "Earn" tab and choose CPA/GPT or Offer walls to see the surveys. You can choose from hundreds of new surveys daily(depends on your location). You can take surveys from our Offer Walls, and you can take single offers from our CPA Offers. It takes 2-15 minutes to complete a survey. You will be rewarded for every survey you take in points which you can exchange for cash or gift cards.

  4. How to complete a survey successfully?

    Click on the TITLE of the survey to begin. You will go to the advertiser website where you need to answer few questions or sign up or something else, depending on the survey. Complete all that is asked. Once you are completelly sure that you have finished the survey click on the "SUBMIT" button so that we can review your submission. You must click "SUBMIT" for every survey you complete.

  5. When will I get paid?

    The minimum balance required for payout is $3 and you can request an Instant payment that can take up to 5 business days.

  6. I didn’t receive my payment. Why?

    There are various reasons why you may not receive a payment you are expecting. Most common ones are: You entered a wrong e-mail when requesting your payout. You didn’t complete the verification process. Other reasons may apply, but if you didn’t cheat, and did everything by the book, you will receive your payment.

  7. Is it free to join?

    Yes, is free to join and completely free to use. There are no hidden fees or upgrades, etc.